Membrane Press Belts

Most membrane presses require a mesh belt to transport the wet work from the batch washer through the pressing cycle.
The belt must have a porous construction to allow the easy passage of water; it must have no prominent seams and be strong enough to withstand the pressures involved without compacting. We currently stock Membrane Press Belts for the following machines, Kannegiessser® Passat® & Lavatec® 

Our Membrane Press belts have the following specification. 

press belt (2)


No Seam:    Easily joined on the press. The open-end spirals interlock and are secured with a cross machine thread of thesame material to form a truly endless belt.There is no change in thickness, surface characteristics, flexibility or permeability at the seam area.

Quick Fit:    Being supplied open ended to join in situ, the belt is fitted very quickly without having to                                              dismantle parts of the machine.

Edge Seal:   The Press belt provided with a flexible edge seal to resist mechanical damage.
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