Laundry Folder Belting

We offer a comprehensive range of Laundry Folder beltings to suit a variety of manufacturers makes and models. An example of folders our beltings are used on:

Flatwork Folders

Garment Folders

Towel Folders

N025 flap

 We can offer Folder Belts with a flap to cover
the fastener.


Garment Folder Diamond Top Belt.

High Quality Cotton Beltings.
Cotton Beltings with centre coloured stripe for lane identification
Anti-static Belting
Rubber Faced Cotton Beltings
Conveyor Belts 900mm & 700mm wide with tracking guide on the underside of the belt.
FA4 Perforated belt
Garment Folder Belt with perforations
Belt with guide underneath
Tracking guide on the underside of belt

Cross Fold Beltings Endless or Fastened

Elasticated Belts
Stacker Belts
Crowning Tape
Pinch Roller Coverings
300mm wide low profile grip belting for Towel Folders
flat drive belt  50mm Perforated  Timing Belt collection
                             Flat Drive Belts                           Perforated Belts                  Ribbed, Toothed & Variable Speed Belts
 All of our beltings are available in either roll form along with boxes of belt fasteners and pins,
 or we can manufacture belts to length complete with ends fastened.
Please contact us with your requirements and we will be happy to assist.